Hey guys,
I'm new here. Hello. I have a question for you huys. I've been stuck here for more than 2 hours figuring this out.


Create a menu-driven "Guess the Number Game" that allows the player to choose from two options:

Version 1 - allows unlimited guesses
Version 2 - allows 5 guesses

Create a GuessTheNumber class with the following members
Instance variables
keyBd : Scanner
myGuess, numberToGuess, count : Integer
GuessTheNumber( guess : Integer )
hint: initialize numberToGuess to guess, count to 0, create keyboard Scanner
hint: displays "how to play the game" instructions for each version
hint: Guess3.java attached
hint: Guess4.java attached
Create a MenuGuess class that uses a menu to test the GuessTheNumber class
The menu will have the fallowing options
Version 1
Version 2

Can anyone help me out here? I am totally confused and desperate. It is not on my textbook and I don't know anywhere else to search on.

Thank you very much.

This description is incomplete.

What makes it incomplete can you verify please? Thank you for your reply.


Sorry, I thought you had links that weren't showing up. But what values can the number be between? That's something you need to know before you can think about programming. Otherwise, statistically, you have a 0% chance of guessing the number (if the number can be any integer).

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