I have built an application in V C# Express Edition, now in express edition there is only ClickOnce and we can not publish the application, i hav used Windows iexpress wizard to create the setup but in vain, so if anyone can tell me what should I do in order to deploy the application.

I have have built an application in c# too, and i don't khow how can i make it as an install package, if you khow please tell me

i'm also want to know

I assume you all use VS 2008 C# Express edition.
Uder the build menu you find an option : Publish "Name of your app".
Use it and see what happens. I did and it worked, but perhaps not like you all want to.

Another approach you may want to explore is the free version of Advanced Installer http://www.advancedinstaller.com/
I used the free version for a few months, and have since upgraded to the full Enterprise version.

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