how do i exicute python scripts in a c++ program? and what uses would it have?

I'm not a strong programmer just and engineering student. one group that is working on a project that uses GNU radio involving a lot of python and C++ interfacing. What is so special about python and why do a lot of people interface it with C++, isn't C++ more powerful.

Sorry about changing a bit of the topic but I just didn't feel the need to start a new thread when this one was similar to my curiosity.


Choice of language often depends on one or more of the following

  1. Business requirements
  2. Applicability to the solution
  3. Programmer's choice

For a succinct listing of Python's strengths, see the Python About page.

Python can't do everything though. Sometimes you need to use a language that can. C++ is one of those that can.

Hope this helps.

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