I've been having some fun with early programming and have created several projects with various attempts at some failed programs. I wanted to redo, with new file names, some of these with new attempts. However when I try to delete the bad files in a project, the project stills lists them. I know it's probably something simple I'm missing, but when I searched MSDN for deleting and editing projects, it keeps sending me to a subject called VSS Explorer. This appears to be something I don't have (and I probably don't need). I just want to delete unused files in a project.

Any help?

Delete the files from within VC++, then go to the project folder and kill them there too.

Delete the files from within VC++, then go to the project folder and kill them there too.

My problem is that I couldn't find any command from within VC++ to delete the files. I did go to the project folder and delete them there. How do I do it from within VC++?

That deletes selected code, not a project or file! Let's try it again ...

Thanks for the input.

When I tried to use Edit/Delete before, the Delete function was grayed out. This time it was available, and I was able to delete the file I wanted. I first went to the folder, and deleted the file, then came back to C++, selected the filename I had just deleted, and was able to delete it out of the project.

I've been trying to recreate the situation with Delete grayed out, and haven't been able to do it so far. I suspect a couple of things (and will continue trying);

1) I may not have properly highlighted the file I wanted to delete
2) The I may not be able to delete the last file in a project.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

As an update, I worked with C++ over the weekend. I could not duplicate why the delete option was grayed out before. I don't understand it. But, the option is there now, and deletions are going great. This way my programs are not cluttered with various trials.

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