Hi guys,

I am new to programming a Rabbit microprocessor 4000. Are there any emulator or simulator program that allows my codings to be tested WITHOUT uploading the codes into the processor and then telnet in to test its response?

For now, I am doing something like Command Line Interpreter...

When user key in "dir", it will execute a function to list down the files inside a RAM or NAND Chip... etc...

What I am confined now is the testing environment...

Thanks alot!


It might depend on the compiler -- Microsoft eVC++ for PocketPC contains an emulator. What compiler are you using?

Rabbit Dynamic C Compiler... my colleagues told me there is no emulator for Rabbit.

But I am just curious if are there general emulators around. In fact, I just want to test my Command Line Interpreter Codings.

When someone key in a certain command, what reply will come to him based on how I programmed it.

I just need some sort of emulator like this... no need to be a microprocessor emulator.

THanks for your reply.

use a compiler for pc and use the pc as emulator. Of course that may not be possible depending on your program.