I dont know if this is the right forum for this, and please move this thread if it is but i want someone to help me with making a game with python it will be a text game, with charactor creation, fighting, exploring, and lots more, so PM me if your interested :)

Yay! I've been wanting to do this for a while, but never got around to completing this sort of thing on my own :)
I'd enjoy working on a project like this (as long as its in Python, no Java or C++ please :P)

P.S. There is a Game Development forum :P but it's ok

yay, it'll be more fun because your not some random, i've seen you around,
yeah its in python
any more questions?

Have you planned out anything for the game yet? As in storyline, characters, aspects of gameplay like stats, etc?

not really, but i've made a warrior class if thats the theme of the game you want:

class Warior(object):
    def __init__( self,name,age,strength,stamina,weapon,armor ):
        self.attributes = {
            ## Personal details
            "name" : name,
            "age" : age,
            ## Stats
            "strength" : strength,
            "stamina" : stamina,
            ## equpiment
            "weapon" : weapon,
            "armor" : armor,

as you can see, this is very basic but it will be expanded. any suggestions would be appreciated :)

i didnt do much planning because i wanted it to be more of a group effort instead of me telling you what to do.

Ok sounds good. I would go even further with the Warrior and make a base Actor class, for all characters, and subclass that. Like this:

class Actor(object):
    def __init( self, name, age ):
        self.attributes = {
            "name": name,
            "age":  age
        # etc...

class Warrior(Actor):
    def __init__( self, name, age, strength, stamina, weapon, armour ):
        Actor.__init__( self, name, age )
        for att in ['strength', 'stamina', 'weapon', 'armour']:
            self.attributes[att] = eval(att)
        # etc...

The benefits will be much more apparent as it gets more complicated.
I sent you a PM also, if you wanna check that, as we should stop just talking over the thread with more needless posts.

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