Guys i am working on a desktop application idea, using the visual paradigm to draw uml diagrams then export them to an XMI file.

the problem that i am facing is that i need a uml 2.0 meta model data structure to use with

i was wondering if any one of you may direct me to a link where i can find this liberary.......... not good in spells but please need help


There is no "Export to C# classes" feature in Visual Paradigm?

no what i meant was after fully drawing the diagrams i import them to an XMI file. from that file which contains all the information on the uml diagrams i want to generate the c# code, like mapping the UML class into a c# class do u have any idea how it would be possible

one idea that was given to me was that if therez a class liberary that is the exact implementation of the uml meta model datastructure , it would be possible to populate it via this xmi and then eaisly it can be mapped in to code.........! dont know if it would work. have searched but i didnt find this type of liberary or may be i am not looking in the right place ...............

What about just using the Class Designer in Visual Studio? It does a pretty good job of things, IMHO...