I have a copy of VB 4.0 that I had on my old computer. I hadn't done much with it, but was just starting to play around with it a bit when my old computer died. When I attempted to install the program on my replacement computer, I get a message that the first disk [3-1/2" disks] is not formatted. Obviously it's become corrupted somehow. All of the other disks "read" okay, but I can't install the program without the entire set :-(.

I know this is an older program, but your forum seems to have people that are still using it. Does anyone know of a way I can get a replacement copy [through e-mail, download, or snail-mail] of the first install disk?


If it is a legal copy then MS might be able to help or some antivirus software suites can check disks and I mention this because it seems that MS OS's seem to try to write the FAT back to the disk thus creating two FAT's for the disk.

Good Luck