So I'm basically completely screwed at the moment. I'm enrolled in a higher level course at my school (an Artificial Intelligence class) despite the fact that I'm new to my major (computer science) and have very little programming experience (just C++, that's all).

I was just wondering, has anyone around these parts ever used Python and this program called MobileSim before? I have an assignment to write two Python scripts for a simulator robot that uses Sonar sensors to navigate. Problem is, my professor gives god awful directions and I have no idea how to do any of this. So basically I'm in pretty deep and have no idea where to go from this point :(

i havent personally but if your finding MobileSim very hard then i would reccomend using pySerial as its easy in my experience

This is more advice on how to handle your situation than on programming but...

I find going to your professor and explaining your situation is usually the best option. Going to office hours will show that you care. If you don't get help early and go to them in desperation later, they won't have sympathy. They know best how to handle your situation because they will be the one ultimately judging you.

Often times professors have office hours and no one shows up (especially earlier in the semester) so showing up will show them you are serious. Just be honest with them. The worst case is that you'll be back to where you are now.