Hi all! would like some help, hopefully someone can enlighten me.
My program has for input a 2d array where the number of rows and columns is decided by the user.

So in the code below, the matrix A is the input matrix and the matrix Q is the matrix to be calculated with the function maqr.
however, as i'm reusing the matrix A as a 1d array in the function maqr, i'm not too sure how to declare the arrays in his function.
Any help will be apreciated!

void main(void)

    extern int maqr();
    int i, j;                  /* Loop counter                   */
    int w; 
    int R,C;                   /* Order of Matrix                */
    double**A;             /* Matrix                      */

    printf("Please enter rows of Matrix  A \n"); 
    printf("Please enter columns of Matrix  A \n";
   A = (double **) malloc(sizeof(double *) * R);
        for(i = 0; i < R; i++)
                A[i] = (double *) malloc(sizeof(double) * C);

   Q = (double **) malloc(sizeof(double *) * R);
        for(i = 0; i < R; i++)
                Q[i] = (double *) malloc(sizeof(double) * R);

int maqr(a,m,n,q)
  int m,n;
  double a[];
  double q[];
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Declare maqr() like this:

int maqr(double* a[], int m, int n, double* q[])
    // and access the elements of a and q like this:
    double x = *a[0];

i believe you will want to call the maqr() function after you've allocated the memory sizes.

also, remember to always use "free" after you're done with the allocated arrays.

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