Dear Friends i have complete my C# project and its working greate,
Now i want to make a Setup / Installation file of my Completed C# project, so i can install it on any Machine and use it, just like a softwares we download and install them on our PC and use them...

So please tell me that, how can i make single Setup file of my Completed C# Project...

Thanx in Advance



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From the solution which you develop your application, right click then add new project->Other project types->Setup and deployment->setup wizard.
This will create for you ClickOnce installation project which let you setup your application on any client machine.
Once you accept the default settings, you'll be able to deliver the .msi package, but if your application has some special configuration, prerequisites assemblies, etc.. You'll need to add your specific configuration in setup wizard project.


I have recently created a complicated Library Desktop application with database storing member's images. I want to create a setup file that will also install the database correctly?

Code's in C#, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2008.


Hello friends
I need to create setup in online .
My problem How I put my project setup in my web site and clint it instole form my web site


While I haven't seen how it's entirely configured, we use WIX at my place. It's pretty easy to use, just have to configure the XML (of course it does tie into a build machine)


Ramy is right you can create set up of your application by adding a new project with type Setup and deployment.

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