Hello friends,
I am new to assembly language and I want the user to input a string ... then save the string in a stack.

Is there a function to get the string from the user, like getStr .

Thanks in advance.

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I am using masm615 and Windows XP. But I didn't know that the code depends on the OS and the compiler.


Thanks for the answer dude. But I am having problem to install masm32. Is it different from masm615?


You are welcome.

No quite different, MASM32 8 is a newer version (the most recent as far as I know)

If you are a begginer, I really encourage you to use that version, because it comes with a lot of very simple and self-explanatory samples.

It is fully compatible with the free versions, like Visual C++ express edition, so you can invoke your ASM functions from C++, or just type inline assembly from C++.

If you want to start from the very begging, you can follow the samples from the "hello world" sample.


Thanks ... will the program still run in masm615 if I assembled it using masm32?


Yes i till run in masm615 as long as you do not use masm32 specific macros, or you copy the macro definition into masm615.

Browsing macro definitions help a great deal in learning.

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