My programs is using MS Access as its database. If by chance I must use other database like foxpro, must I rewrite my entire program? Or I just need to do minor changes because I change database applications, like for example ("select * from msaccess" to "select * from foxpro") <-- just a logic but not actuallly a syntax ^^

hi. just wanna ask why don't you just import your foxpro tables to access?

For some reason I can't I'm not allowed to access the foxpro database for security reasons


As far as the connection to the db is concerned, u need to change the code at all places wherever u r connecting to the Access DB.
if u r using Jet Database Driver for Access, u need to change it to the Microsoft Foxpro Driver.

Coming to the SQL Queries most of the queries used in MS-Access work in FoxPro 2.6 for DOS.
Open your Foxpro IDE and try all the Possible Types of Queries u r using for MS-Access in the FoxPro command window once. Check out what type of queries r not working and just replace those.

Another Suggestion is that if u should and must have the flexibility of changing the Databases now & then, I suggest u that now is the time to work out on that in a more innovative method.

Create a database which stores the Types of Databases, Their Connection Strings, Current DB Type in use, SQL Queries, every possible variable content that ur project may be using. So that u can switch to the required one at any instance. Even this will pave the way for even if u r trying to go to some other database in future, like oracle, sql server etc. At that instance u will have very less work to do.

Of course all this requires a sufficient amount of time and man-power proportional ti the concern of the duration u have got to complete this.

Will try to get some more information for you on this concept later, (if time permits me to do so) as i am also a bit tight scheduled.

Shaik Akthar

Gee thanks for the help. So there is a possibility that I will rewrite 70% of my program. I can't change my program now because of the time limit. I need this to be pass on october. Well I just limit my program for the time being. So this is possible but requires a lot of preparation. Problem Solved.