I have two MFC Window Form. The main window will call the second window to process a necessary input then the result generated by the second window should appear in the main window's edit box. But the problem is I don't know how to do it. Does anyone knows how to do it?

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What I have done is create a structure with all the information I want exchanged between the two windows. When the 2nd window is created pass a pointer to the structure to the 2nd Window so that it can fill in the information. Once Window 1 regains control it will have the information in the structure.

Another approach is for Window #2 to send a private message to Window #1 that contains the information. Then Window #1 can update itself with the info. This works well when there is only a small amount of text to be transferred between the windows.


Thanks for the reply Ancient Dragon but I finally fixed it by myself. After doing some experimentation with my codes...

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