Hello Guys!

Need some help.

I basically want to align my menu to center. I have tried the following:
1 . SetConsoleCursorPosition();
2. gotoxy();

But none what so ever works.....

Here is my code menu:

void printMenu()

	void Bottomline(char *text);
	void Headline(char *text);
	void EmptyLine();
     int ans;
		  cout << "\nPlease choose from the following options:\n\n";
		  cout << "1: Search for a file\n\n";
		  cout << "2: Create a new file\n\n";
		  cout << "3: View entire catalogue\n\n";
		  cout << "4: Exit from the program\n\n";
		  cin  >> ans;

Thanks in Advance

Just put some spaces or tabs, that is, \t characters at the beginning of the menu lines.

Very good Sir!

Thanks alot.

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