Can anybody please give me a link for a program to convert a PDU string to ASCII? Thanks in advance.

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Thanx for your help...I'm trying to make sense of the code(It doesn't help that I'm a hopelessly amateur programmer). For starters can you tell me how to perform the equivalent C function of Val as used in the program. The basic problem is as follows:
I have a PDU string of the form "E8329BFD4697D9EC37". Now I have to read every 2 elements as a byte like "E8","32",etc. This has to be interpreted as a hex representation of a character, using which I have to determine the actual character by performing appropriate bit-shifting operations. In case I haven't made myself clear, I just have to perform the reverse operation of that being done in this link http://www.dreamfabric.com/sms/hello.html

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