I will pay the first person to finish this task via paypal!!!
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Create a program that will read data related to the test results of a particular group of learners from a text file. The data must include fields of the following types: String, int, double, boolean and char. The program must include and call a number of methods and be based on a menu system.

1. You are required to create your own data text file that will provide the data types mentioned above. the file must contain the records of at least 20 learners. the data mentioned must be structured so that it is possible to do the following with it:

a) Extract the initials From the learners first name.
b) Find the gender (M or F) Of the learner with the highest and lowest mark in mathematics
c) Find the average of the marks for 7 subjects for each learner
d) Display the name of the learner who has the overall highest average for their 7 subjects
e) Display the average age of the learners in the class in years.
f) Display the entire contrnts of the data file in a meaningful tabular format.

2. Your program must make use of object orientation and must include the following methods

a) extractInitals() That displays the initials and surname of each Learner in the data file.
b) highMark() that displays thr first name, surname, gender and mark of the pupil with the highest mark in mathematics
c) lowMark() That displays the first name, surname, gender, mark of the learner with the lowest mark in mathematics
d) highAverage() That determines the average mark for all seven subjects for each learner and displays the name of the learner with the highest average.
e) averageAge() that determines the average age of all the learners in the list

3. you may adapt these methods to include parameters if you need to.

4. concise programming is needed

5. The entire program must be menu driven using a switch case statement that allows the user the choice of which of the items listed in 1 above they want to see.

6. The program must be user friendly and robust as a result of the use of error handling and defensive programming techniques.

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I will pay the first person to finish this task via paypal!!!
I will pay $5!

Only $5 !! You have to be insane.

Firstly, the amount in insulting. In this forum there are many professional programmers that get paid much much more. Why should they bother to fix your problem? Not to mention that even if someone else would do this the amount is nothing near to what is necessary to tempt someone to do this. If you think this worths only $5 do it yourself

AND SECOND and most important. This is a forum for people to learn. We do not give away free code. And when I say "free", I don't mean code that people pay with money, but with effort.
Those who want help have showed with their questions and their efforts that they deserve it. And you will see that we have given code to many people, which was very close to the actual solution of their assignment, only because their attempts were genuine and they were as close as they could get.
This despicable offer of money is insulating to ALL the members of this forum that use their spare time to teach others and offer solutions free of charge because they want to, not because they are paid.
What you suggested can only be interpreted as a miserable attempt to bribe the members of this forum to betray their ideals and the other members of this forum.

P.S.: And as for the first part of my post, even though that I would never accept money from any member of this forum, I find the amount extremely ridiculous.
Try offering 200 euros (260 dollars) because that is how much money (HYPOTHETICALLY) I would agree to do that

Maybe you can get one of your fellow grade schoolers to do it for you for that price. If you multiply the price by ten, you may get some semi-competent unethical "working person" (I won't say professional) to do that simple thing for you, but I wouldn't expect quality, even then.

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I will pay $5!

I know that there is an economic crisis all over the world but thank God, we are not that desperate. :icon_cheesygrin:
In my country, with the taxes and the insurance, I would have only $2.9 left!!! :'(

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