Hi, how would I get the temperature and percentage of load for my CPU, GPU, and other things like the hard drive? I'm on Windows XP. Is there something in the Win32 API or what?

A search through the WinAPI turned nothing like what you want. My guess is that those are things only XP knows and keeps them secret. I could be quite wrong though.

on linux you would just grep sysctl for a block of info

$ sysctl -a |grep therm

or query for the specific variable

$  sysctl hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.temperature
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.temperature: 54.0C

on windows... i dunno. you can always find some freeware GUI application such as this, but unfortunately has no command line interface that i'm aware of.

f you can find something similar that allows command line interface, you can do a system() command to query it. which still won't help you develop a commercial application, but might do in a pinch for a personal project or internally distributed app.

if you need something more professional, you'll have to roll your own API.


then perhaps you can enlighten us by pointing to one, rather than a generic newsgroup link? and thanks for hiding a link that crapped all over my Outlook Express, by the way. :icon_rolleyes:

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marco93 is just a bot that's managed to strangely survive for so long.

Everything about Win32 api has been answered for 20 years on Win32 api group
Everything about Excel has been answered for 20 years on Excel group

Why reposting questions answered hundreds of times on NNTP, before DejaNews ?!
(even on BBS in 1985 for Windows 1.0, with different methods of course !)
Are you just born ?

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do ya get the feeling that your posts are worthless? apparently, everyone else does.

No, his help is highly valuable.
The Win32 group is fantastic, a goldmine for Windows developers, with incredible undocumented tips (that
you can't even find in Msdn), from the greatest Win32 gurus in the world (MS internal or not) !

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well, then maybe one of you Win32 API gurus can post something remotely resembling an answer to the OP's question??