Hi Friends,

I have a requirement like in a CPropertySheet i need add four property pages, in that first two pages should contain Wizard mode property of CPropertySheet & the next two pages should behave like a normal mode.

The current problem is that if i call 'objPropertySheet.SetWizardMode()' before 'objPropertysheet.domodal()', it applies to all the pages which i add in the sheet.

Please provide me your valuable inputs. I use VS 2008 environment - 'VC++ MFC application'.

Thanks in Advance.

Wizard mode doesn't work quite like that. When you set wizard mode the sheet moves through all its pages using next/prev instead of tabs. So all your pages on the sheet are expected to be part of one wizard.
If you want a wizard with 2 pages, and two other normal property pages, you will need to have 2 property sheets. One with the wizard and one with the 2 normal pages.