Hello everyone,

Ok, I've got a HWnd (the HWND was returned from an ActiveX control). I pass the HWND to a .NET control. I try to pass the HWND using Control.FromHandle() function and I get a null in response.


I want to make a .NET control become a child of the ActiveX control (this is so I can cover it, if you really want a full explanation, see below), so if there is another way of doing this, please let me know.



Full Explanation:

Using a language called LabVIEW 7.0. Doesn't allow for .NET controls, but does allow for .NET objects. Want to put control on a front panel of a LabVIEW window. LabVIEW doesn't expose the window handles, so created an AX control which is to return the handle of the AX control so that I can paste the .NET control on top of it. What a work around eh?