i hate C++. i have been working through the C++ for dummies book, and i have yet to make any sense out of it. the only thing that i have been able to grasp is the i/o parts. it is so hard. maybe i havent given it a chance to soak in yet.

Maybe try C++ Primer Plus, Sams Publishing ISBN 1-57169-162-6. It's a 1000 pages of excelent text with many good examples. I've found the "DUMMIES" series are just money makers and don't have very meanigful content. Most often the most itellegent people assume they are dummies and those books specifically written for them.

Good Luck

very good, ill try that one. thanks

[dripping sarcasm]
Brilliant tutorial! I wonder how I've survived so many years as a programmer without reading "migthyjohn's frumph" tutorial.
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>and i have yet to make any sense out of it
Since you posted in the wrong forum, I get the impression that you don't read for comprehension very well. That's probably your problem. Either that or raving idiocy, but I prefer to assume the best in people before they invariably prove my assumption wrong.

wtf!. In no way was that meant as a tutorial. Speaking of comprehension, if you comprehended that post properly, how did you come to the conclusion that the above post was a tutorial? I guess my assumption was wrong in that this was a C++ forum and that a post about C++ might in fact go here.

>In no way was that meant as a tutorial.

>how did you come to the conclusion that the above post was a tutorial?
Because your thread was in the C/C++ Tutorials forum before a mod was kind enough to relocate it to the proper place.

You have the worst book ever written in the dummies series. This author couldn't write his way out of a paperbag was the opinion of one of the critics.

yeah, i see that now. i went oput yesterdsay and i bought sam's teach yourself C++ in 21 days. it has a lot of example code, and it is broken up into sections for each day along with a quiz after every day. it looks like it might be a good bit better. we'll see i guess.

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I see you have already gotten another book, so feel free to ignore this post. I'm not a big fan of the "X for Dummies" books, but I have heard some knowledgeable C++ists sing praises for the most recent C++ for Dummies. If you don't mind my recommendation, Accelerated C++ by Andrew Koenig and Barbara Moo is by far the best first book on C++ in my opinion. It teaches C++ the right way from the beginning. No other book I've read does this; they all start with the C-like subset of C++. It's been argued that that approach makes it harder to learn because it takes longer to crank out your first useful program. The longer beginners go without doing that, the more likely it is that they will give up.