Hi all..

im kinda new to vb..i tried to connect my data control to a text file generated by my visual data manager, but every time i tried to run the app..it says that i dont give a right location for my file, i dont specified the location from the properties but instead i used

With datDB
.DatabaseName = App.Path & "\mytxt.txt"
.RecordSource = "Names"
End With

is there something i miss ?

and second question is, how to distribute my .exe without the MSVBVM60.DLL ?

TQ in advance :)

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The data control can't hook up with a text file. You will need to create a Access data base (.db) and put your data into it for the data control to work.
The answer to your next question is "You can't". Use the setup in vb so all needed files are put together.... Unless the other computer already has the files on them.

You can open your text file using another way instead of data control(which is impossible).

If you want to open the ".txt" file here is an example:
''This code will open a text file and show it in a listbox..

Dim myfile as String
Dim data as string

myfile = app.Path & "\test.txt"
open myfile for input as #1
do while not eof(1)
line input #1,data
list1.additem data
close #1

I hope that i helped you..

waynespangler & KSS,


Unfortunantly you are both wrong. The data control can connect to text files.


You need to set up your databasename to the folder that contains the text file (app.path). Then setup the recordsource to the name of the file (no extension as you are using the dao/jet text driver) (recordsource = "mytext"). However, in the properties you have to set the connect property to Text;.

Good Luck

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