Hi everyone, I need your help on deciding what type of mobile game should I create for my project, I will also need help on how to create a mobile game from scratch if anyone has good source such as website or books please let me know I will really appreciate your help!!!!!!!

Topic/idea of game is your choice and depending what sort of project you doing depends difficulty. If you do just ordinary coursework and there is no specification of AI (game intelligence) then any board game player vs player will do. If it is final project for graduation AI is something you should consider use it. You will need to put lot of time in learning basics of AI and how you gone handle it in game.

Mobile Game Developer forum is good place to have peek for game types ideas.

For books Creating Mobile Games is good reading and for some 3d and OpenGL Mobile 3D Graphics: Learning 3D Graphics with the Java Micro Edition (you need good understanding of JME or you will have difficulties to follow it) or Mobile 3D Graphics: With OpenGL ES and M3G ( I did not read this one yet)

Thank you "peter_budo" for your reply, I will have a look at the website and the books which you have posted. I am actually doing a final year project I have studied Intelligent Agents, Java NetBeans GUI programming language needed help to start the project decided to create a game in Java NetBeans IDE 6.0 for mobile game J2ME.

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