Can someone please help me!I just want to setup a chat between me and my friends over the internet.I found this project but can only get it to work over a network,but need it to work over the internet.please help:



Thanks for the link,but it still doesn't help me,because its for Ethernet use only.Im still learning C# and im not sure what to do with the ip connections to let them communicate over the internet.So if theres anyone out there that can help it would be greatly appreciated!Let me point out more specifically where im stuck:

-Firstly im on this project at http://www.geekpedia.com/tutorial239_Csharp-Chat-Part-1---Building-the-Chat-Client.html
-Ok so then i setup two separate computer to a internet connection making one the server.

-now heres the part thats weird....what ip do i use for the server,I open command prompt and type in ipconfig /all and the only ip im getting is the ip that connects to my internet connection,so thats the ip i use.When i open the client i try to connect to the server via the server ip but no luck


First you need to get your external IP address of your network. after that you need to Forward the port you want to use on your router to the IP address of the computer you are using. There are a couple of site to use to find your external IP address.

By clicking on this link you will find out your external IP address. That is the address that the Client trying to connect to you should place in their chat app. Now foward your router to your Lan address with the port you want to use. They will need to do the same thing, and tell you what address they have.

If you still have problems with connecting to your "Friend" Post a reply