Hi I am looking for an internet explorer project which blocks all the websites and in turn direct or opens a single website which i specify.

Ex: in the code of the project if i give a website name abc.com
whichever website u open in IE it may be google.com, gmail.com or any website , what vb project should do is direct them to abc.com page or stop them from accessing other websites .

Please specify the code or give the links for free code projects available. Thank u in advance.

This should get you started...


However use the .Navigate instead of .Navigate2 method and to capture the user navigating to another site you will have to create a beforenavigate event. To see how to create such an event use a dummy project and add the webbrowser control (Microsoft Internet Controls).

Good Luck

Hey this is simple thing there is no need to get any external link
You can learn by yourself ...
First start vb project and then click add form then
Select "WEB BROWSER " It will add the template for the web browser .
Then please carefully analyse the codes.

In that they are using a combo box to get the id ..If you want you can change it and add a button or place it there and change the NAVIGATION code .......[in combo click event ]

If mbDontNavigateNow Then Exit Sub
    timTimer.Enabled = True
    brwWebBrowser.Navigate "ABC.Com"

Try it ....
Best of luck

Remember when the user clicks the links in that then it will load to that webpage , so you want to check the page which is loading and study that code and make changes and take a trail run ....

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