Hey everyone, I am new to Java and I use NetBeans to do programs. On my latest project I am attempting to code a program to read a input text file of format. ie.

Attend class: 0 120 -one time event
Push snooze on alarm: 0 1 3 5 - multiple occurence event
Brush teeth: 0 1 Get up and turn off alarm - conditional event
Eat breakfast: 3 14
Get up and turn off alarm: 5 12 Alarm sounds
Drink water : 10 22 16 30

that consists of 3 different event types:
1.one time event- event name: time created, time event occurs
2.multiple occurence event- event name, time created, time event occurs, times it will occur, and time interval it will occur next.
3.conditional event- event name: time created, time event occurs, and name of event that must happen before this event can take place.

Pass the read values to a class that extends the java.util.LinkList superclass and outputs them in order of their occurence. ie.

Time Event
0 Alarm sounds
1 Push snooze on alarm
6 Push snooze on alarm
11 Push snooze on alarm
12 Get up and turn off alarm
13 Brush teeth
14 Eat breakfast
25 Get ready for the day
43 Drive to UNT
100 Attend class

I have no idea where to begin this project any help to start. Please help guys I'll take any suggestions or code help.

Start by defining the class that extends LinkList and can store the data that needs storing for each event. Write its constructor(s) and any methods you need to access (get(...)) the data.
Then move on to reading in values to pass to the constructor(s).
Finally think about how to sort the list in the required order.
Just do one step at a time.