I'm trying to write a coin-flipping program.

I can get the program to produce a random coin flip result (represented as either "h" or "t") but I want to add the individual result to an ever expanding string.

For example, the first result would be "h"
and the big string would be : h
The second flip would be "t"
and the big string would CHANGE to: ht

But, I can figure out how to add the strings together.

here's my code:

import random
numflips = 1
def flip():
	cheads, ctails, = 0,0
	cflips = random.randrange(2)
	if cflips == 0:
		cheads += 1
		return 'h'
		ctails += 1
		return 't'
numflips +=1	
while flip() == 't' or 'h':

when the sequence "hth" appears, I want the program to stop and tell me how many flips it took to get there. With this, I am totally lost. Does Python have a "find" command :-P?

Thanks for any help.

you can do something like:

big_string = ""
while not big_string.endswith("hth"):
    big_string += flip()
flips = len(big_string)

By find command I assume you mean find an occurence of a substring withing a string? Yes, just do s.find(sub, start, end) where s is the string, and sub is the substring that you want to find. The start and end indexes are both optional and can be omitted