Hello everyone! I am looking for a simple free c/c++ IDE which does not need to create projects in order to build applications. If possible, I would like something that has code completion on par with MSVC Intellisense, or NetBeans code completion.
However, the most important feature I am looking for is the ability to work without projects. That means that I can just open a single source file source.cpp, maybe edit it, hit compile, and have a working source.exe sitting in the same directory.
For projects with more than one file, the program should simply check in the same directory (or the directory specified by the include) to find the files instead of me having to explicitly include them in the project.
If something like this exists, please show me! And thank you very much.
If it's impossible, please explain to me why not.

Thank you all.

I use to use Quincy 2002 for a few years and '05 for about a month, but I feel it's awkward.
Code::blocks, and Dev-C++ are a thousand times greater than it ever was(they'll do single file compilations too).