I'm going to be working on a summer research project with my college's robotics team. My task is going to be to develop a program to communicate with the robot via 802.11g.

I would really like to stick to straight C++, and if I can't then C# is also an option I would be willing to go with. My question is, does anyone have a suggestion for a good winsock library I could use for this? Maybe something with tutorials also?

Are there built in libraries that I'm not aware of?

Boost's Asio is a good one if you want it platform independent:

I have seen more of platform specific libraries which could suit you.
There is an excelent Beej's Tutorial on Sockets with C, but it works with C++ too. You will need to code like a C programmer with no OOP support. He explains it on *nix platform but also guides how it can be done on windows's winsock

I think this will do, but if you intend to learn more, get the "Unix network programming" book.

Awesome. The bot is currently Windows based, but we have plans on migrating to Kubuntu eventually... hopefully next year.

Thanks again.