i was wondering, is their any way to do something, say msgbox, when an exe is ended via the end process in the task manager? thanks in advance!

What do you mean by when an exe is ended ?

Do you mean if you have a VB application which was running, and is killed using task manager - you want that application to return an msgbox to the user saying it has ended?

I don't think that works as the "End Process" button kills the application dead, so it won't run the Form_Unload or Class_Terminate code to initialise the msgbox.
You would need to write something into the code and try it.

If you mean a separate application which monitors other executables, yes you possibly could, but you would need to look into window handles and stuff (google hWnd - I think thats the one if I remember right - you should find some stuff on that).

all right, thanks. i think im just gona' write a different program to monitor that one like you suggested. thanks!