I am new to C# and .NET and am having a problem. I have a windows form application. I created a Ole data adapter to look at an Access Database with 3 tables. I then created a dataset which gets loaded by the adapter when the process starts. I then have a dataview which looks at one table in the dataset. next I created a datagridview which gets its data from the dataview. I run and eveything works and I see data. Now comes the problem. I wanted to access data in another table in the dataset. I created a view to the different table, then a datagridview looking at the new view. When I preview the datagridview I see the data as I should. However when I run the application only the first datagridview displays data, the second one is blank. Is there a property I missed or can I not have two views of the same data set, or is it something else? Any pointers would be appreciated.

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you can view the same data set as many times as you want.

problem is... with only the description of the result of a problem, its hard to diagnose it... its like calling a mechanic and telling them your car doesn't work, then with only providing the detail that you tried to start it... you ask precisely how to fix it.

one problem you might have, is you should create an instance of the data adapter for both queries, one at a time setting them to null after each, its actually most simple to create a method that accepts a datagridview argument, and a sting argument. passing to it, what gridview to laod the data to, and what sql query to present to your database. then call them when you need them, in this case on form load.

or else, post you code.

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