My book isn't getting into my head yet....

i have one project left in my C# class, where we are to create a base class. That class, from what i understand, is to contain common characteristics. (sports teams happen to be our theme).

So i could have coach name, and number of team members as common attributes that teams might include; In other classes i include more team specific attributes.

there is a class example i have saved. But it has no comments. So its hard to learn from. Right now the best i can do with it, is manipulate it to make it fit my project needs.

However, if i do that i am not learning the material properly. I guess what i'm looking for is a brief simple example, even if it deals with something different like cars.(example including comments to briefly explain the code).

I understand i am probably being needy.... but if i don't ask for help, i cant get any at all right?

great stuff man, thanks for the reading material!

still reading on....

you are welcome, add to my reputation if you like it :)
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Will do, have done. I have been working on this thing for an unreal 5 hours...and im down to 2 compile errors. or wait...whats it called in C#? im a C++ guy....

i must admit i like this language though.

It is a wonderful language. gets it done faster, But C++ is still a better choice with no prerequisites for standalone. in sharp you can't even create a install package in good faith that it will work on end the user's computer without a native code bootstrapping.

But if you are hurting for a simple utility to help hack a video website or something, you can throw a url escape sequence converter together in 7 minutes. %3a who comes up with that crap anyway.

very true,

however i am interested in this language for the purpose of mobile device programming.( zune, windows mobile)