i am working on my project which is on regeression of lines .
well i have been successful in fitting a straight line to the given set of coordinates . since i have come so far after a lot of striving , i have been a bit exhausted on writing a graphic function of plotting the co - ordinates and displaying a graph.

Well is there any function or header file which will directly plot a graph if i provide a given set of co - ordinates.

Short answer - no.
Longer answer - depends on which OS/Compiler you have and what libraries you have installed (or willing to install)

well i am willing to install any libraries.. n working on minGW compiler.
n working on windows , its kinda not possible to change the platform .. but in the worst case that can be considered.....

Would 80x25 on a terminal be good enough resolution?

Graphics of any kind come with baggage. There is no "Just draw a line".

Actually, that's not entirely true.
If you want to use your browser to do some of the work, then outputting a simple SVG file could do the job.

dude i think you havent undestood me .......
i just need some simple fuction which will plot the graph for me when i inout the co ordinates, thats all . there is no complication in it.

i got a link and copied those libraries , but its giving me an error.

the underneath is the link from where i copied libraries

the error i got is something like this

graph.cpp||undefined reference to `Plotdata::Plotdata(double, double)'|
graph.cpp||undefined reference to `plot(Plotdata const&, Plotdata const&)'|
graph.cpp||undefined reference to `COLOR'|
graph.cpp||undefined reference to `COLOR'|
graph.cpp||undefined reference to `COLOR'|
graph.cpp||undefined reference to `COLOR'|
graph.cpp||undefined reference to `COLOR'|
graph.cpp||more undefined references to `COLOR' follow|
||=== Build finished: 8 errors, 0 warnings ===|
Thanks for the link, could be useful for others wanting to convert 'up' to the modern world.

Did you know that before my last reply?
Cos playing guessing games sucks.

> gcc.exe -mwindows -o aplot.exe aplot.o -lkoolplot
> -lgdi32 -lcomdlg32 -luuid -loleaut32 -lole32 -lstdc++ -lsupc++
What you have are linker error messages.
My guess is you need

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