You are to design a class  class called Employer data members:

char name[]
long int ID
double salary , 
and two constructors 

_Default construtor Person () 
_Copy constructor Person
( char n[30],long int id,double s)
_setPerson (char n[30],long int id,double s)
that allows user to set information for each person
You have to define two classes that derived from class
Employee, called Manager and Secretary correspondingly.  Each class should inherit all members from the base
class and has its own data members and  member  function as well.  For example the
Manager should have a data member called degree for his/her undergraduated degree (e.g. diploma, bachelor, master, doctor), the 

Secretary should have her contract (permanent, temporary).  All member functions of derived class should be overiided from
their base class.  Each derived class should have an operator << which allows user to output a person’s information to the screen.

Write the following main() to test your classes 

int main() 
Person p(“Vinh Nguyen”,1234567,500.0);
Manager p1(“An Nguyen Vinh”, 0234567, 1000, Dr.);
Secretary p2;
p2.setPerson(“Lan Vu”, 0341256, 400, permanent);
cout << “Manager p1 is “ << p1;
cout << “Secretary p2 is “ << p2;
return 0;

Help me !

Might want to try it yourself first looks like the description is pretty detailed. I'll wait while you give it a shot.

class Employee {
  Employee(string theName, float thePayRate);

  string getName() const;
  float getPayRate() const;

  float pay(float hoursWorked) const;

  string name;
  float payRate;
Employee::Employee(string theName, float thePayRate)
  name = theName;
  payRate = thePayRate;

string Employee::getName() const
  return name;

float Employee::getPayRate() const
  return payRate;

float Employee::pay(float hoursWorked) const
  return hoursWorked * payRate;

See, you're more than capable of doing what the description says, you're just overthinking it. Follow the directions closely and read in your book about Inheritance and Operator Overloading and you'll have it done in no time.

(You're probably thinking I'm being mean by not giving you the answer but if you don't learn now you'll just keep needing help)

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My solution :

class Employee {
    Employee(const char* aName, const Manager* aManager);
    const char* name(void) const;
    const Manager* manager(void) const;
    const char* theName;
    const Manager* theManager;

class Manager : public Employee {
    Manager(const char* aName,
                   const Manager* aManager,
                   Secretary* aSecretary = 0);
    void setSecretary(Secretary* aSecretary);
    Secretary* secretary(void);
    Secretary* theSecretary;

class Secretary : public Employee
    Secretary(const char* aName,
              const Manager* aManager);

Please help me complete classes !