I am new to layered architecture design. I need to implement a record navigation form in c# windows. It will contain three textboxes one for entering the empname and another for entering empage and another for entering his dateofbirth. I have buttons for adding, deleting and editing the current record. Also i have buttons for first, next, last, previous for navigation of records through textbox controls.

Could you please help me in implementing this form with three layered architecture without using database.(Through oop programming)

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The concept of 3 tier architecture is that you have separation within your code.

UI Tier - display only, your forms will be this
Business Tier- You do your necessary business rules in here, maybe something like ensuring first name length is at least 2 characters long
Data Tier - This is where you do all your data access and updates, you could make your call to insert or select an employee in this piece

The goal of 3 tier architecture is to be able to change all 3 independently of each other, or at least independent as possible of each other