I am a computer professional. I have 3 years of experience in C++ on financial domain. I did not get a chance to work in networking domain. When I go for any change people are asking about the Networking domain and IPC programming.
How can I master that though I have not worked on that.
Can I learn IPC myself. I want the starting step to initiate.
Please help me providing some URL or tutorial so that I can acquire knowledge on that.

IPC isn't really all that difficult -- yes you can learn it on your own. *nix IPCs work differently than MS-Windows, and presumably other operating systems too.

IPC could be as simple as file sharing, or as difficult as sockets, pipes and shared memory. There are a lot of different ways for processes to communicate with each other. On MS-Windows every time you copy something to the clipboard and paste it into another program you are performing some sort of IPC.

can you plz give some good url to start with

Just google for it. As I said before, there probably is no one URL that will give you the information you need for every type of IPC on every operating system. You have to narrow down your search a bit. Do you want information on named pipes, shared memory, shared files, or what? And what operating system -- MS_Windows, *nix, MAC, or something else ?