You are to design a class class called Employer data members:

char name[]
long int ID
double salary ,

and two constructors

_Default construtor Person ()
_Copy constructor Person
( char n[30],long int id,double s)
_setPerson (char n[30],long int id,double s)
that allows user to set information for each person

You have to define two classes that derived from class
Employee, called Manager and Secretary correspondingly. Each class should inherit all members from the base
class and has its own data members and member function as well. For example the
Manager should have a data member called degree for his/her undergraduated degree (e.g. diploma, bachelor, master, doctor), the

Secretary should have her contract (permanent, temporary). All member functions of derived class should be overiided from
their base class. Each derived class should have an operator << which allows user to output a person’s information to the screen.

Please post your code and then ask where you require help?

So you just gave up on this problem and scrapped your previous work or have you just decided you'd let everyone else do it for you? I told you before you obviously have a strong enough grasp of the concepts (that is, unless you got the code you posted from someone else) and its just coming down to laziness.

You will not get such easy homework problem when you join a software company, so put some effort now else you will face bigger problems in your it job.