I am hopign someone will take this on as a simple little project as it would be of great help to me.

I have a CNC plasma machine which cuts sheets which are about 4ft by 10ft. however, sometimes we only use about 4*4ft of the sheet. I would like to create a program that finds the maximum length the cutter goes, and then cuts the sheet off one inch or so further than that.
The machine is controlled by g code, which is stored in text like files.
the following explains the action of a line of code

N190 G00 X6.0000 Y1.2500
(line number) (command) (x position) (Y position)

I am looking to be able to have a program that reads through all of the lines of code and picks out the largest x value, and then adds the following lines.

G01 X(max) Y0.0000
G01 X(max) Y47.7500

any help or tutorials on this would be greatly appreciated, or if someone wanted to try this out as a project it would be even better. i have attached a sample g code file. it can be opened with notepad.



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Sounds like you need to post in Job Offers -- someone might help you if you want to pay $$$ for their work.

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So right! So right! I'm volunteering though.....
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