I am considering using python to write a simulation program to display the motions of about 10,000 2d disks. The program doesn't need to calculate the positions of disks. It just reads the result file and displays disks on the screen. I wonder whether python has this ability for rendering so many disks together within one frame. I want to add that fictitious time may not be in accordance with virtual time. For example, the program may spend 10 seconds on displaying what happens within 0.1 second. In other words, I want to see a slow motion of what is happening.

That sounds like it would be a lot for python to handle.
Personally I'd use something like c++ for this kind of program but if you really want to use python you should have a look at the pygame modules http://www.pygame.org

The Python module pygame is a wrapper for SDL which in turn is written in C++. So there is a good chance that pygame can handle the task without resorting to using C++ directly.

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