i have been asked to write a program to detect 3 classes of virus worm etc.. and remove them in any language of my choice but i do not have an idea how to do this and would much appreciate if some one please advise me!!!!

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We've been through this before.
1) look at the answers you got elsewhere
2) crossposting and repeat posting the same question is not appreciated.
3) we're not here to do your homework for you. If you have specific questions about specific parts of your assignment we may be able to help with specific answers to help you along in your work though.

4) I've reported this post as others have reported your previous crossposting as well.

If a teacher is asking for you to write a basic virus detector, I would hope that most people by that level of class would understand this stuff.

If its not an assignment, there are a couple of virus detection engines out there.

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