Can anyone tell me, what to change in the VB4 application setup program to prevent it from reporting a negative available memory during set up?

I have never worked on that version .

What mode? 16 or 32? If 16 on 32 bit machine it just might be your problem but it has been such a long time since I worked on 4 that I am just grasping at straws.

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How much memory on compiling system? >2Gigs? (Like I said, grasping.)

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If I had been correct...brain gone dead, meant disc space not memory..I have 1 x 500Gig 2 x 400 gig and 1 x 250 gig. When you are installing an application produced by VB4 mine reports negative disc space, but if you ignore it, it installs anyway.

VB4 produced application setup..Correct me if I am wrong...In the setup program, the variable 'lAvail' is used to store available disc space. This is defined as type 'long' which I presume means it can only store numbers between -2.147billion and +2.147 billion, so having 500 billion or so of disc space would cause it to choke, so to speak..Any ideas on sorting this?

To tell you the truth, I don't know but in later versions of VB, the setup.exe that the user would start to install the program is a project that you can modify. See if there is a setup project where your version of VB is installed and if so make a copy of it before you even open it for modification. Then modify the copy to handle the potential larger disk sizes. I'm betting that if there is a project it uses the old version of GetDiskFreeSpace and should be replaced with GetDiskFreeSpaceEx.

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