Two files be placed , to certain composition of (warehouse of) simple project entering, template calculates inclusive < include (reach; make) > Array and it operation of template with (from) method several instructions of codes ( ) demonstrating main. Task relies on making of new template representing calculator, be based on data template of container Array. Calculator accepts next elements of arithmetic formulations recorded (written down) in (to) reverse polish ( _ _ polish < poland > ) notacji notacja and value of this formulation calculates on currently. Calculator has methods it add ‘ ’, which (who) introduces element of formulation for next container and ‘ show ’, which (who) returns value of element on end of formulation currently finding (be placed) ( but it does not delete he (it) of formulation ). It accept, that there can be operators in arithmetic formulation only +, -, * or /, however, arguments - value optional type numerical.

We understand that english may not be your native tongue, but that doesn't make any sense.

From what I can gather it seems to be something to do with reverse polish notation?

I think he needs to write a calculator program that uses reverse polish notation.

Could you at least post your current code for doing whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish?

if this is a life-threatening emergency, you need to get off the computer and dial 9-1-1, or your local police or rescue department.


I think this is an excellent example of why humans shouldnt use automated translation programs. Like babelfish and

I understand he wants to write a calculator that uses polish reversed notation.

I don't know if he wants std array[] or stl style array