Hi Guys,

I'm making a program ( game sudoku) in C# - windows application which contains many textboxes (81) labeled as shown below.

String[] polja = {   "tbA11", "tbA12", "tbA13", "tbA21", "tbA22", "tbA23", "tbA31", "tbA32", "tbA33","tbB11", "tbB12", "tbB13", "tbB21", "tbB22", "tbB23", "tbB31", "tbB32", "tbB33",...
  ... "tbI11", "tbI12", "tbI13", "tbI21", "tbI22", "tbI23", "tbI31", "tbI32", "tbI33" };

when i click on button "START", i'd like to fill some of that textboxes (25) with a random generated numbers 1-9 (int s). I was also created another random function for generate numbers 0-80 (int pol), which present indexes of string[] polja ....so far so good.
My problem is on the next step.
I need to convert string from polja ("tb..." ) to textbox with same name - e.q. tbA11.Text = s.ToString //for writting numbers 1-9 (int s) into.

(FindControl function doesn't work in my case)

my code.....

private void btn_start_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {

 void NapolniPolje() {
        for (int i = 0; i < 25; i++
            int pol = new Random().Next(80); // for index 0-80
            tbPolje.Text = pol.ToString();        //textbox for test only
            int s = new Random().Next(9) + 1; //for numbers 1-9
            tbRezultat.Text = s.ToString();       //textbox for test only

            string txt = polja[pol];                  //txt = "tb..."
            Object obj1 = new Object();
            obj1 = ((Object)txt);
            TextBox tb = new TextBox();
            tb =obj1 as TextBox ;

            tbpolje1.Text = txt;                 //textbox for test only
            tb.Text = s.ToString(); 

any ideas...