Hello all! What I need to do is open up an Audio Stream that will let me output audio (WAV encoding) to my computer's microphone input. It'll be used specifically to allow my program to "speak" to other programs' mic-in.

I tried outputting normally, then connecting my headphone port to my line-in port, but not all the programs accept line-in as an input. (Note: It works for other uses, such as recording what's playing over the speakers.)

Any clues on how to do this, or any sources/tutorials you can point me towards? Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, couldn't begin to help you.

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No one has anything at all? Not even a little post saying "Sorry, couldn't begin to help you"?

Sorry, couldn't begin to help you.

Sorry, couldn't begin to help you.

:P Thanks! I saw that one coming.

Well, i was looking at this same issue before. I didn't find a clean solution, and furthermore i didn't implement it either, but you could route the output of one soundcard on a machine to a mic input of another machine and that would allow you to send sound to the microphone. You would need a dummy computer of course.

Anyway, sorry if not what you are looking for.

I think I know EXACTLY what you are looking for.... You will need to setup a virtual sound device for every PC output you want to mix in. This can be done using software or setting up your own I/O ports to reroute the bits of info. Now I'm no good with the latter so I'll let you know of what software I found that will do just that...

Virtual Audio Cable 4.10
e2eSoft VSC - Virtual Sound Card
WiNRADiO Digital Bridgeâ„¢ Virtual Sound Card

and there's a few more. Granted, I've never used any one of them at all yet... but I want to use one tonight to record my own Voicemail Greeting message from a .WAV file.

Here is my situation. I professionally recorded my voicemail greeting and I own the .WAV audio file. Unfortunately, my phone company has no way of simply uploading the file to their servers to use it.... On another note, I lose too much quality when using the setting (PC > SPEAKERS (with my message) to PHONE (Microphone) > Voicemail recording). What I will attempt tonight will be to setup one of these virtual audio device to re-output the output of the media player to the input of the virtual audio device that will be my line in for SKYPE or another VOIP solution.

I really hope this made it a bit clearer for you... and also helped you 1 year later ;-)

GooD one, thanks from the butom of my brain xD

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