I am using a program called MUST. It is for the electrical transmission industry. It uses excel to do its computations. It runs macros based on the buttons that were pushed on a form. The outputs are excel based worksheets.

It has a feature to allow you to record the buttons that are pushed in it own .asc file format. If you run the code within this file format it gives you back a text file that is very hard to use. If you try to do the same function more than once it writes over top of the text file. It works while in excel but if you run it in .asc format it overwrites the file.

I would like to be able to record the buttons I press in this form in python so that I can recreate my steps quickly. Everythin in this program is password protected, so I can't do a call on button push, because I don't know what the buttons are called. Excel will not record what I do within must.

I am thinking of possibly a program that can record various buttons I push. If possible I would like it to be python based, because that is the main program in my industry.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Pyexcelerator is is abandoned and forked.
Use xlrd and xlwt.

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