Iam using an AWT component. Did a little research but cannot find anyway I can make my player return a JComponent..tried this casting but Iam getting an exception at the line.

((com = (JComponent)p.getVisualComponent()) != null)

I also got to see something about mixing SWING with AWT so I decided to take out AWT completely but i seem to get errors with FlowLayout, and ActionListener..PS Iam using swing panels and frames and only used the AWT for the component and listeners..

This is what I tried with the image part

imageLabel=new JLabel(new ImageIcon("optic.jpg"));

when a button A is clicked the mainPanel is supposed to display the webcam image, which works well. when button B is pressed, this image displays but not correctly. after a resize of the window, it then displays as needed on the frame. however, when button A is pressed again, the frame does not display anymore..hope this helps abit

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((com = (JComponent)p.getVisualComponent()) != null)

What you trying to achieve with this line? Are you trying to assign JComponent to com variable if result is not null?

I do not think second part sufficient to locate problem.

PS: It is not recommended to mix SWING and AWT.

sorry about that...I was trying to use a JComponent instead of Component since the getVisiaualComponent() method is not availble with JComponent...PS these are two diffrerent problems
prob 1- using JComponent instead of Component with a player or processor in JMK

how to place the frames captured by my webcam on my JPanel correctly since the captured data appears infront of the JPanel i.e if I click on the menu bar in my panel, the list appears behind and not at the front

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