I use this command to check for the Computername wich returns:

//returns: MYCOMP-EG03R8F

When manually rightclicking "My Computer" and check what name I have, it says with lowcase letters:


So it doesn´t return the correct name. It shows Capitals.

But if I do this command instead:


I do get the same computername:


Is it okay to use ->ToLower() when it is a mix with letters and numbers. The function is intelligent and separates letters from numbers ?

Thank you if someone can confirm that...

Judging by the fact that you got the expected output, and not an error, it seems like a safe assumption, doesn't it? If you're concerned about it, run some tests on varying inputs. You'll probably find that it works fine. My guess is that the toLower() function uses the ASCII table to verify that something is a letter and acts appropriately (there are plenty of symbols that aren't letters OR numbers). Also, are you sure you can't look at the function's code yourself, by looking in some standard library?

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