Good Afternoon,
I have developed an app in C# for my company. I install the app on a server then attempt to run it from a Windows XP box. I get a message that the publisher is unknown do I want to run the app. When I click run the app runs fine. Since there will be many users running the application, most of whom are not computer types, I would like to avoid this security message if possible. So far all I have been able to find is purchase a certificate and sign the file, however $350 a year for an internal application is not going to fly with my manager. Is there any other way to accomplish bypassing the security warning? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe im missing something. However from my experience that message comes up when the item is downloaded to the computer from the net. Running the app, and clicking on dont ask again (or something like that) will prevent it from asking you each time. Alternatively, find a different means of distribution to each machine.

I appreciate your input however is happens when bringing a file accross the internal network using a mapped drive. There is no don't ask again button. Thanks! DaveD3