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i want to know about future of Vb.Net
i am a vb6 and Vb.net developer since many time. but now i see from every where that ever body says that C# over comes vb.net in future and vb.net no more available and finish. so how much its true and whts ur comments about it. i like vb.net coz i feel its easy for me to code in it.

thanks and regards

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VB .NET and C# both will last long enough. But, as a programmer we all should be adaptable to new tchnologies - as nothing lasts forever : Ya nafsi, Ya Nafsi, Ya Nafsi

In software-u cant always stick to the same thing(i.e, u cant stand on the same banyan tree laid b ur grandfather!!)...

actually we cant used one programming language 'cause people has many necessary. every programming language has a different power (good and bad), so u can use the best language for problems.

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