Hi all,

I'm quite new to C++!! I'm also having a bit of a problem with a for loop

Its that I have an if statement inside a for loop

if (cuno == customers[i].custno)

when I try to add an else within the for, it repeats the message 3 times as this is how many records are in my array "customers".
I have tried using a break, this solves the problem but does not accept anymore inputs as correct for the if statement

Any help would be appreciated,


Where is the code?

Sorry guys its not an array its a struct! that I'm trying to edit!

And where are data declarations?
Please, Read This Before Posting: http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread78223.html

I've had a read of that sorry I was just too keen to get any tips on this. :-)

Thanks anyway but I've managed to solve this one now, the thought is appreciated though,

I just could'nt get my head around the code at first, turns out all I needed to do was make a BOOL found = 0, set it to one if the record to be edited was found, then IF (!found). that stopped it displaying 3 times .

Thanks again though,